Why Choose The Toledo Clinic

What sets The Toledo Clinic apart from system-owned models, is that we are a physician-owned and operated medical group. At The Toledo Clinic we feel that our Choose Well, Feel Better way of practicing medicine is the best of both worlds.

Following is an outline of the administrative benefits you will receive at The Toledo Clinic while maintaining your ability to treat your patients your way.

Administrative Services Include:
  • Information Technology (IT Support)
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Human Resources
  • Research
  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
  • Purchasing Power
  • Benefits
  • Residency & Fellowship Programs
  • Medical Education
  • Financial Expertise Reports
  • Credentialing
  • Legal Support
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
The following chart compares the benefits of The Toledo Clinic versus private practice or hospital/system-owned models.
The Toledo Clinic ModelHospital ModelPrivate Practice
Practice TypePrivate PracticeHospital EmploymentPrivate Practice
CompensationBased on revenue generation, you keep what you earnLimited by contract, surplus goes to the employerBased on revenue generation, you keep what you earn
BenefitsMost benefits effective date of hire with pre-tax advantageWaiting period for benefits effective datePossibly fully-insured health plan based on market rates
ContractInitial salary guarantee then full partnershipEmployeeNone
ExpensesYou control your expenses/expendituresPractice expenses/expenditures are not in your controlYou control your expenses on your own
EmployeesYou control your staff (with HR assistance)Hospital system supervises you and your staffYou control your staff with no or varied assistance
Work LoadYou decide your work hoursHospital system decides workload and hoursYou decide your work hours
Time-off and VacationsYou control your own schedule including time awayOut of your controlYou control your own schedule including time away
Retirement SavingsPossible to maximize 401k savings with expert guidanceVariable per contractYours to manage with operations at your expense
MalpracticeFavorable rates due to size of practice with rebates possibleAs per contractYours to manage and at your expense
Management Fees or Pro RateHighly competitive administrative feesBuilt into contractYours to manage and at your expense
Non-compete ClauseVariableBuilt into the contractNone
Choice of LocationYour choice depending on your practice groupMay not have a choiceYour choice, possibly at your expense
Part-time WorkMay be availableMay or may not be availableYour choice
Outpatient or Hospitalist Type WorkSuch opportunities are available based on the specialtyMay be availableMay vary
Buy-in or Buy-outNot needed, salary guarantee availableNone, contract onlyMay vary
Success RewardsAll is yours to keepContract plus bonus if included in contractAll is yours to keep
PartnershipAvailable after salary guaranteeNone, contract onlyMay vary