Real Estate/Cost of Living

Toledo, Ohio is located in the Heart of the Midwest and has a large, small-town feel. Large enough to have a lot of amenities but small to minimize traffic or crime issues. An hour to four-hour drive will get you to several larger cities including: Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Chicago. ranks Toledo under the national average for cost of living. On their scale they have the US average at 100 points. Any amount below 100 means that it is cheaper then the US average cost of living. Toledo’s overall ranking is 72.7. lists the following key findings related to Toledo’s cost of living:
  • The cost of living in Toledo is 15% lower than the national average
  • The cost of living in Toledo is 7% lower than the Ohio average
  • Toledo housing is 50% lower than the national average

And finally, lists Toledo as the #3 most affordable city in the U.S. based on average monthly cost of living (as of June 2019).