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What to expect when have your blood drawn

    1. Check in at the Receptions desk and have the following available:
      Insurance card and information
      Phone numbers
      Picture I.D.
      The receptionist will also check for privacy notices.
    2. The patient will be given a pager.
    3. When the pager beeps and vibrates the patient will be greeted at the lab door by a phlebotomist.  Once seated the following questions will be asked:
      Date of Birth
      Insurance verification
      Which physician is ordering the blood work?
    4. The Phlebotomist will prepare the patient for the draw:
      Ask if the patient is fasting
      Ask if the patient is allergic to Latex, alcohol or band aids.
      The phlebotomist will gather the appropriate tube(s)
      The phlebotomist will look at the patients arm(s) for a proper vein
      The phlebotomist will clean the area
      The phlebotomist  will place a tourniquet on the patients arm
      The phlebotomist will insert the needle into the vein and fill the necessary tube(s)
      When all of the necessary tubes are full, the phlebotomist will release the tourniquet and remove the needle.
      The patient will be asked to hold pressure on the cotton ball place over the insertion site for several minute.
      The phlebotomist will label all of the patient tubes while the patient is holding pressure on the cotton ball.
      The phlebotomist will place a bandage on the insertion site. The patient should leave the bandage on for at least 20min. after the draw.
      The blood work is now complete and the phlebotomist will escort  or release the patient to the lobby.